Thursday, February 10, 2011

Mazzola's Italian Restaurant

Do you ever just walk into a place and know for sure that you're gonna love it? Well that's the way I felt when I first walked into Mazzola's Italian Restaurant in Davie. If you don't know exactly where this place is you could never find it. It's in the rear of the shopping center at the NW corner of Flamingo and Orange Drive.

The address says it's on Orange Drive but you can hardly see it from the street because it's way back in the shopping center, behind the fountain.

It's a nice, homey, place; clean and comfortable. There were a couple of large parties seated when we came in but the wait staff was efficient and not flustered as they would be in some places. We missed the music from their website. That was what really brought us to this place to begin with.

The girls ordered a bowl of pasta fagioli, a salad and some pasta with red sauce. Steve and I split a large deluxe pizza and I ended up taking half home. Michelle said the soup was good but she prefers soup that is thicker and with more beans. I tasted it and thought it was good, too. The pizza was excellent and if I lived nearby they would see me on a weekly basis.

The service was about as good as it gets. Our drinks were freshened regularly and we never had to yell for help. They are very organized, like this is not their first rodeo (Davie talk.)
We were privileged to talk with the owners for a few minutes and we were excited about their enthusiasm and love of what they do. That's what makes Mazzola's special.

Good food at reasonable prices; top notch service in a friendly atmosphere. This is the neighborhood place you'll come back to again and again. And when you stop in, tell 'em you read about it on the White Plate Special.

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LASER LADY said...

Illona and I are looking forward to joining you again. We just loved it.


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