Saturday, January 15, 2011


We know it as Flanigan's but the real name is Flanigan's Seafood Bar and Grill. The Commercial boulevard location was closest to my office and I would eat lunch there several times a week for several years. During those years I had the opportunity to try almost all the items on the menu as well as be "treated" to a few lunches by "Joe" Flanigan himself.

"These guys are my best customers," he would say when he came in after a workout at the Golds Gym next door. "Put their bill on my tab!"

Trust me, the company came out in the long end. Over the years I have devoured the ribs, licked my fingers thru plates of wings, ate philly cheesesteaks, barbequed half chickens, gigantic salad-salads, Caesar salads, tumbleweed onions, Giuseppi's pasta and more. But my all time favorite has always been the burgers. Caribbean, Bahama, Flanagan, or "Big Daddy" burgers all work for me!

I am a pretty easy going guy and I LOVE their burgers so if I order it medium and it comes medium rare it still tastes great to me. If you're the type that needs it cooked exactly as ordered you might be disappointed occasionally.

I was there a few days ago and got my "Big  Daddy" burger medium as ordered. I had it topped with cheddar cheese, slice of onion, lettuce, and tomato. I slathered some mayo on it and a squirt of grey poupon before I opened wide and took a big bite. The semi curley french fries were rolling over the edge of the plate and they tasted good, too.

The burger is one of their $4.99 daily lunch specials. Robby ordered the philly cheesesteak (hold the mushrooms, please) and raved at the great tasted.

Good food and good service give Flanigan's four stars in my book. Stop by for lunch or dinner and be sure to tell them you read about it here, at the White Plate Special.
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Ivana said...

I go to Flanagan's all the time. Biscayne and Hallandale Beach Blvd. I LOVE the RIBS.
See ya.


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