Saturday, January 8, 2011

Portobella Italian Restaurant

I have driven by this place a hundred times before I noticed it tucked back in the corner of a strip center at Military Trail between Boynton Beach Blvd. and Old BB Blvd. It was after 8pm and Michelle and I were ready for dinner.

The place is small, maybe 15 crowded tables, but they have additional outdoor seating available. On this night no one was outside as it was about 45 degrees out there!

Michelle and I were seated immediately as there were only a few occupied tables. We ordered a couple of glasses of the house wine to help us warm up a little and checked out the offerings.

The menu contained several interesting items and as we were discussing the selections a gentleman at a nearby table commented on how good the food was here, especially the red sauce. We mentioned Dominic's and he said, "no comparison, the food here is much better."

We split a bowl of pasta fagioli which was good but not exceptional. Then Michelle and I ordered our favorites: chicken cacciatori for Michelle and spaghetti with meatballs for me.

                            Restaurant Recipes Revealed

Michelle liked her entree but thought that Dominic's did it better. My spaghetti came with a puddle of water in the bottom which is my "pet peeve." We both ate about half and packed the rest to go and the next day it tasted better.

Because it was so cold and windy outside we were freezing every time someone opened the door. The service was adequate but slow. Maybe it was an off night? I told Michelle we should try it again. She didn't agree. But I think I should go again to try the pizza.

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Because of the water in my spaghetti and the average tasting food, I can only give Portobella's an average rating. For my dollars I think Dominic's is a better choice.

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