Saturday, April 16, 2011

Best of South Florida: Cheesesteak Subs Direct From Philly

Best of South Florida: Cheesesteak Subs Direct From Philly. One of my bloggers was kind enough to tip me off about this place, Direct From Philly. He wrote "...a place in Deerfield Beach that is actually inside a gas station called Direct From Philly." That was enough for me to want to try this place out!
If you remember my post about Big Al's Steaks in Boynton Beach some time ago, I stated that I have never been to Philly and never ate at Pat's, Geno's, or any other eatery that claimed to have the Best "original" Philly Cheesesteaks. So, authenticity aside, I have to say that Direct From Philly makes a helluva good philly cheesesteak sub. The place is easily accessible because it's only about a half mile away from I-95 at the 10th street exit, east to Military and south about an eigth mile. Because it is actually inside a Chevron gas station I am surprised that it hasn't caught the attention of The Food Network's DDD (Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives) Guy Fieri. Steve, the enthusiastic and charismatic owner, explains how he only uses top grade shaved ribeye, Amoroso "direct from Philly" sub rolls, and all fresh ingredients. The Whiz is the real stuff evidenced by the stacks of unopened cans that adorn the small ordering area. Direct From Philly has a small menu, which is a plus. It gives them the ability to concentrate on what they do best. Too many places think they need 300 items on the menu to be successful. Just ain't so. "Do what you do and do it the best and the world will beat a path to your door!" I think that's a combination of two quotes stuck together. They have a few stools and a counter for people to eat on the spot but most business is either via delivery or "to go" as mine was. Direct From Philly knows how to pack your order so it stays hot until you're ready to bite in. When I unpackaged my "to go" order, about twenty minutes after leaving the gas station, I was rewarded with a juicy, still piping hot sandwich expelling the aroma of just cooked steak. I ordered mine Whizzed, "wit" grilled onions and added fresh grilled mushrooms and the first bite was bursting with flavor. The second bite was even better and by the third bite I was already planning my next trip to Direct From Philly! The Whiz was just the right amount. Enough so that it coated my lips with each bite and didn't run out of the roll and onto my shirt. Kudos to Dave the grill top chef. If you like a delicious tasting steak sub, "wit or witout," whiz, cheese, onions, mushrooms, peppers, and etc. you MUST make it over to the Chevron and grab a sub, Direct From Philly. While you're there you can fillup with hi-test and buy a lottery ticket. But for sure say hello to Steve and tell him you read about it here at           Direct From Philly on Urbanspoon Click to find homes for sale in Deerfield Beach.
David Metlika
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