Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Farradday's at the Isle Casino

It was my birthday weekend and Michelle and I decided to go to Farraday's at the Isle to celebrate. I had a coupon from the Isle for $50.00 towards food at any of their restaurants. Farraday's is a really beautiful restaurant and once inside you don't realize that your inside a casino.

It was late, so we had no difficulty in being shown to a very nice seat immediately. We chose a shell against the wall so we could sit next to each other and still do some good people watching. We ordered drinks and bread was served as we looked over the menu.

The Ark

It has been YEARS since I've eaten at the Ark on Stirling road in Davie. It;s really a great place to go for a buffet and at a pretty cheap price for the quantity and quality of the food being served. The best bet is The Captain's Prime Rib & Seafood Buffet. Soup, salad, sides and entrees presented for your pleasure. You choose what you want and put it on your plate and you can keep going back as many times as you want.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Maybe It Was Something I Said?

Monday was my birthday. Just another milestone and like plenty of other people out there I wanted to celebrate at a restaurant of choice. I was staying at the Marriott near Andrews Ave and Cypress Creek. Just across the street from a Longhorn Restaurant, one of my favorite locations when I'm in the mood for steak.

I checked the Internet on my laptop in the hotel room and  I saw that Okeechobee Steakhouse offers a FREE dinner on your birthday but it was farther than I wanted to drive on this Monday night. My inbox had a FREE DESSERT offer from Longhorn as a birthday reward, and since it was across the street, it would be the ideal place to spend my birthday. But, there was no way to print out the coupon so Michelle called Longhorn to see what we could do.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

John's NY Pizza & Pasta

The pizza was excellent and I give it a super high rating, Like a nine out of ten.
For the full story CLICK HERE

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Las Vegas Cuban Cuisine

When I first started going to Las Vegas, the Cuban cuisine restaurant, at their original location back in '87 little did I know that the small family owned and run establishment would grow to a chain of many locations. I have eaten at their location on 441 in Hollywood, Pines Boulevard, and this trip was to their new location on Hallandale Beach Boulevard in Hallandale next to Panera Bread.


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