Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Imposto's Pizzeria Across from Carlo's Bakery Hoboken, NJ

Michelle and I recently had the opportunity to go to Atlantic City, New Jersey, along with Steve and Illona. We rented a car so we would have the ability to travel around the area and not get stuck spending all our time in the casino.

Steve has wanted to visit "Carlo's Bakery," made famous by the "Cake Boss" TV show on the Learning Channel and this was his chance. After a two and a half hour car ride we arrived in Hoboken and got directions from a very nice Hoboken resident. Steve parallel parked on Washington Street about a block from the bakery, right near Imposto's Pizzaria.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Nino's of Delray

I've been to Nino's several times and after my last visit I knew I needed to add them to the blog. They have consistently good food and service and I am always looking forward to a return visit.

Michelle and I dropped in here late on a Tuesday night. Once we were seated our waitress brought a basket full of garlic rolls as we studied the menu. Of course we started with a bowl of pasta fagioli and it was a good choice.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Jason's Deli: The Healthy Deli Choice

When I think of a deli I think of a glass front cooler containing big slabs of corned beef, pastrami, ham, turkey, and an assortment of cheeses. I think of cholesterol, sodium and fat! But Jason's is not that kind of deli.
"At Jason's Deli, we're all about healthy food. We've even been named "One of the 10 Best Restaurants in America!" in the July 2009 issue of Parents Magazine. Our food has no high fructose corn syrup, trans fats or MSG. We just serve health, fresh and even organic foods. From sandwiches to salads, Jason's Deli offers healthy food that everyone can feel good about. And it's not only healthy food - it's delicious food."
If that surprises you don't be upset 'cause it surprised me, too.

Corelino's Coal Oven Pizza & Cucina

Michelle and I were ready to try out a new place late on a recent Monday night. It was about 9pm when I rolled into the shopping center where Chris' Taverna is located in Lantana. On our previous visits to Chris' I had eyed a small Italian place on the corner, in the same shopping center, named Corelino's Coal Oven Pizza & Cucina.

I parked the car and we walked up to the windows and we could see that they were already cleaning up to close. There was a gentleman sitting at one of the outside tables underneath the overhang eating his meal. "I think they're still open," he said, "push on the door."

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Best of South Florida: Cheesesteak Subs Direct From Philly

Best of South Florida: Cheesesteak Subs Direct From Philly. One of my bloggers was kind enough to tip me off about this place, Direct From Philly. He wrote "...a place in Deerfield Beach that is actually inside a gas station called Direct From Philly." That was enough for me to want to try this place out!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

La Bamba Mexican & Spanish Restaurant

Bienvenidos! Michelle & I were in the mood for some South of the Border food the other night so I suggested we stop in at La Bamba on West Atlantic Avenue in Delray Beach. I have been here many times in the past and have never had a bad meal. La Bamba is a small chain with five stores in the Broward/Palm Beach area.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Primanti Bros.

If you have never been to Primanti's your first visit will be quite a treat. I first learned about Primanti's from the Travel Channel on TV. They had a several minute excerpt about the original Primanti's in Pittsburgh, Pa. and it was very interesting.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

American Roadhouse

Here's another good place that I discovered thru the GottaHalfIt social group buying website. The offer was to pay $15.00 for $35.00 worth of food and drinks at American Roadhouse in Pompano. It is in the same location where the now defunct Hop's was near the SW corner of Sample and Federal.

Pizzaria Owner Sabotages Competition in PA

While I was surfing I found this interesting news video about an aggressive pizza parlor owner who tried a unique way to discredit his competitors. 
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