Tuesday, December 28, 2010

My BEST Pasta Fagioli Recipe. Especially for Marsha

My father made the BEST pasta fagioli in the world! He had the perfect combination of herbs and spices, white beans and kidney beans, pasta and meat. Unfortunately, he never passed the recipe down to us, but I have been trying to reproduce the taste that I miss from my youth.

I have discovered that using fresh herbs produces a much more robust taste and aroma so I recommend only using fresh herbs when possible.

Don and Vinny's

Don and Vinny's is my kind of place. A small place, in a shopping center, where you are greeted like long lost family and treated as such, too. Occasionally, Vinny comes out from the kitchen with his bandanna to ask around, "is it good? Do you like? Everything okay?"

Michelle and I were introduced to Don and Vinny's by my sister Lydia and brother-in-law Pepe on a Saturday night a couple of months ago.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

3G's Gourmet Deli

When I moved to Delray Beach, back in June of '02. one of the restaurants we scoped out was 3G's on Atlantic Ave. We had moved from Davie, where we were used to eating in restaurants amid diners of all ages and we were quite taken aback at the average age of the customers at 3G's. The aisles were a traffic jam of walkers and wheel chairs. The patrons were rude and abusive and the wait staff retorted accordingly. After my second visit I took this place off my radar and didn't return.

But I think I made a mistake. Last week Michelle checkout a store in the same strip center and suggested that we give 3G's another chance. And so we did.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Park Avenue BBQ

I was at Jersey Mikes Subs in Boynton Beach, one of my favorite sub shops, and was reading a local mag while working my way thru a large Italian sub (done Mike's way) when I saw an ad for PA BBQ on Congress in Boynton Beach. They were advertising a full rack of ribs all day on Mondays for $11.95.

Saturday, December 18, 2010


Dominic's has become one of my favorite Italian restaurants. A friend first introduced me to Dominic's at their Hypoluxo Rd. location. "It looks like a pizza joint," he said, as he was giving me driving directions. And he was correct. The waiter suggested the chicken rollatini daily special and I was happy to oblige. I skipped the salad and instead opted for the pasta fagioli. I often rate a restaurant on the taste of the pasta fagioli and Dominic's rated high!

Pollo Tropical

My co-worker, Pam, suggested that I try the Chipotle Chicken sandwich from Pollo Tropical and being in an adventurous mood, I decided today was the day. I went to the 2011 E. Oakland Park Blvd location with high hopes of getting a sandwich that would quench my desire for spicy!. What an AWFUL experience!

Fuddruckers World Famous Hamburgers

Hamburgers are one of my favorite meals and I’m always looking for a place that serves a good one. Fuddruckers  "World Famous Hamburgers" is the best! If you’re looking for a little more than the average 4 oz burger that cooks down to 3 ounces, Fuddruckers is the place. I usually go for the two-thirds burger, medium. I prefer a hamburger, not cheeseburger, not bacon burger, not mushroom and onion burger.  On my last visit the burger was cooked perfectly. I love their self-serve condiment bar, where I loaded up with shredded lettuce, tomato, pickles, diced onions and jalapenos. I complimented with an order of steak fries.

P.F. Changs Chinese Bistro

Here’s a place that almost everybody enjoys. P.F. Changs has a few locations in S.FL. so you don’t have to travel too far to get to one. They have a varied menu and most can find something that compliments their taste.

We went on a Thursday night and made a call ahead reservation for 8PM for a party of six at the Aventura location. You can make advance reservations online for up to six people. When we arrived we were surprised

to see the place was bustling. Many people waiting and more coming in. Our table was ready in about ten minutes.


We gave a drink order and then proceeded to inspect the menu. Michelle and I opted for the “2 dinners for $39.00.” I got the Orange Beef, my favorite, and asked for it to be extra spicy, ‘cause I like it HOT! Michelle got the Shrimp Cantonese. We both had Egg Drop Soup and split an appetizer of Chicken Lettuce Wraps which we both enjoyed. I was disappointed in my entrĂ©e because it wasn’t very spicy and was very dry. The sauce was kind of thick and pasty. I was able to add enough of the various hot sauce/mustard/peppers to make it super spicy but the thick sauce made it impossible to mix well with the white rice.

LaSpadas Hoagies

Here's a place I've been to many times, but this is my first venture to the Boca Raton location. Many years ago I was introduced to LaSpadas  on Commercial Blvd, near the beach in Fort Lauderdale. When I moved to Davie, I was thrilled that there was a Laspadas  close by. Now I live in Delray Beach

Xtreme Eatery

Originally this place was named Heartstoppers and being a food fanatic, it went to the top of my list of places to go. I had seen a spot on tv about a similar place way out west

Okeechobee Steakhouse est.1947

I am really proud to start the White Plate Special blog with my first experience at the Okeechobee Steakhouse in WPB, Fl. This place had been recommended to me a few times so I thought Michelle and I would make a visit when we were in the area.

We arrived about 9PM and we were a little surprised at


While travelling thru the backwoods of Alabama, back in the day, or the BC I always say, meaning Before Computers, I passed a sign advertising a greasy spoon up ahead. It was still dinner time and I've always had a penchant for independent, out of the way, mom and pop style diners, so I decided to take a rest from the highway and eased into the parking lot.

The faded blue letters printed on the buidling invited me in: "Home of the White Plate Special."


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