Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Cracker Barrel Old Country Store

If you haven't eaten at The Cracker Barrel Old Country Store you could be in for a treat! If you never heard of this chain you must be living under a rock and should try to get out more.

Cracker Barrel has taken over the highways with easy to access restaurants along side most major interstates throughout the country. Why do so many people stop there? Consistency! Each and every Cracker Barrel Old Country Stores are almost identical.

The food is identical and the service is identical. When you walk through the door you know exactly what you're gonna get for the money. And you're gonna get a lot!
Cracker Barrel Gift Card

Monday, September 26, 2011

Pete's Cafe Bella Sera

I purchased a Groupon for Pete's a few months ago and since it is a little off my regular flight plan I had put off using the coupon until a couple of Sunday nights ago. When I finally located the place I discovered that they are closed on Sundays.

A few weeks later I had another opportunity and although it was a Saturday night I thought Michelle and I would take a chance without a reservation. That might not have been the best decision.

When we walked in the place was bustling with patrons. Some being escorted into the dining room and others sitting or mingling in the bar area. The hostess checked her chart and assured us that a table would be available in about 15 minutes.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Cucina Mio

This was not my first trip to Cucina Mio nor will it be my last. They have the best hook of any restaurant. And the hook is that their food is just unbelievably good! There is usually a pretty long wait during the dining hour but on this Saturday night, when we arrived at 8:45 pm, we were instantly seated.

Michelle tries the Pasta Fagioli at every Italian restaurant we go to

Carlucci's Italian Restorante

Dave, Dale, and I went over to Carlucci's Italian Restorante on N. Andrews Ave and Cypress Creek for lunch. They have some great tasting lunch specials at cheap prices. Our server, Mike, was on the ball and after bringing our drinks he dropped off a basket of some of the best garlic rolls I have ever eaten. He told us to be careful because they were addictive. I tend to agree........

After a few minutes the food appeared. Dale got a salad to start. Dave had a piece of pizza and he and I had a cup of deliciously creamy pasta fagioli.

Thursday, September 1, 2011


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