Thursday, June 2, 2011

Las Vegas Cuban Cuisine

When I first started going to Las Vegas, the Cuban cuisine restaurant, at their original location back in '87 little did I know that the small family owned and run establishment would grow to a chain of many locations. I have eaten at their location on 441 in Hollywood, Pines Boulevard, and this trip was to their new location on Hallandale Beach Boulevard in Hallandale next to Panera Bread.

This Las Vegas location is the biggest and most beautifully decorated location of all the ones I have been to. In addition to the many inside tables and beautiful bar area they accomodate many more patrons on their outside patio which is extremely pleasant once the day slips into twilight.

I have always recommended Las Vegas for people looking for authentic Cuban food at reasonable prices. When Michelle and I were seated we gave our drink order and a basket of fresh pressed Cuban garlic bread quickly arrived. I ordered my favorite soup to start the meal, caldo gallego, which is a white bean soup. I call it "Cuban pasta fagioli!" Then I ordered  piccadillo, with black beans, white rice, and plantains. So delicious. Michelle was eyeing the paella that someone was eating at the table next to us but she ordered the Filete De Pollo-Chicken Fillet with salad and rice.

"Next time," she said, "I'm getting the paella!" She said it like she meant it, so I believe her.

There is plenty of stuff on the menu that I like and it makes it hard for me to make a decision each time I come. Palomilla, ropa vieja, boliche; I love them all! I followed my meal with a delicious creme brulee which was outstanding and a cup of cafe con leche.

No matter where you are in south Florida you're not far from a Las Vegas restaurant. Be sure to tell them you saw it here at the
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Anonymous said...

Agreed. Las Vegas is good Cuban at a great price. But this new location is....odd. Beautiful place so it gives you the illusion of fine dining; but every time the door opens there is a loud berping. Then the ohone rings soooo loudly, and the noise from the bar blenders makes the whole experience funny.

I will continue to go to the older smaller locations


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