Monday, May 30, 2011

Trattoria Bella Cibo

Never Trust a Skinny Chef! That's Chef Tommy's favorite saying.

This place is nowhere near my regular flight plan so had it not been for GottaHalfIt I would never have found this jewel. It is located in Margate on Margate Boulevard about a block off 441. The first thing you see as you approach is a large covered outdoor eating area that extends down the side of the building.

I informed Michelle that we would be going to a new place. Somewhere we had never been before. As we entered, the owner, we found out later, Tommy, greeted us with a hearty welcome and we were seated immediately. Bread with roasted garlic and olive oil dipping sauce was delivered with our drink order.
Michelle Was "Starving" When we Arrived

The Jersey City Girls: Annie our server and Michelle
Our enthusiastic server, Annie, was as pleasant as can be and she made some wonderful suggestions as we looked over the menu. Michelle was starving so she immediately ordered a bowl of pasta fagioli and it was served as we continued to peruse the menu. We discussed the menu in between each tasting the soup which I thought was one of the best I have had. Michelle couldn't decide between shrimp parmisan or Bella Cibo Di Mari, a seafood feast, but finally decided on the di mari. I ordered Chicken Valdostana.
This is the Half I Took Home
The food presentation was exquisite. Both platters were extremely attractive as they were placed before us and the aroma was exhilarating. We both loved the taste and as usual we were only able to finish about half. Annie was glad to wrap all our leftovers for the trip home. We took half the soup, three-quarters of the salad, half the pesce and half the chicken. Enough for dinner the following day.

Michelle's Leftovers

Trattoria Bella Cibo delivers a wonderful experience. Exquisite food, enthusiastic waitstaff, and dining specials with entertainment. I can't wait to go back and try more of Chef Tommy's creations. Maybe I'll see you there! If I do tell me it's because you read about it here at

Chocolate Cake for Dessert

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