Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Cracker Barrel Old Country Store

If you haven't eaten at The Cracker Barrel Old Country Store you could be in for a treat! If you never heard of this chain you must be living under a rock and should try to get out more.

Cracker Barrel has taken over the highways with easy to access restaurants along side most major interstates throughout the country. Why do so many people stop there? Consistency! Each and every Cracker Barrel Old Country Stores are almost identical.

The food is identical and the service is identical. When you walk through the door you know exactly what you're gonna get for the money. And you're gonna get a lot!
Cracker Barrel Gift Card
While you wait for a seat, you can riffle thru the thousands of amazing items they have for sale in the "store" section. Plenty of candy from the old days and even some clothes touting the local color. The kids love looking thru the toys and it makes waiting more of an enjoyable time.

Sit down and loosen your belt. They have the best country style breakfasts around and a great assortment of lunch and dinner items, too. Just like Aunt Bee (from Mayberry) used to make! For breakfast I love the Sunrise Sampler or the Old Timer's Breakfast. The hash brown casserole is wonderful and be sure to ask for the apple butter. For dinner I like the Fried Chicken Tenderloin and load up on the vegetables. You can't find food like this at many places.

The place is clean, has good service and good food. When your toodling down the interstate and you see their sign you can count on roadside food as good as it gets. Try the ham and egg casserole.
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