Saturday, September 3, 2011

Cucina Mio

This was not my first trip to Cucina Mio nor will it be my last. They have the best hook of any restaurant. And the hook is that their food is just unbelievably good! There is usually a pretty long wait during the dining hour but on this Saturday night, when we arrived at 8:45 pm, we were instantly seated.

Michelle tries the Pasta Fagioli at every Italian restaurant we go to

We gave our drink order and checked out the three page menu. In just a minute or two our drinks arrived along with a basket of freshly baked bread. Michelle spotted the "Nuts About Salad" and decided she would start with a bowl of pasta fagioli, have the salad, and a bite of the "Penne Melanie" that I ordered.

Nuts About Salad
Michelle loved the pasta fagioli but she thought it was a little shy on the ditalini pasta and a little heavy on the beans. I took a taste and it was delicious. The "Nuts About Salad" was also great as was my "Penne Melanie." There is no doubt that the food here is top notch. If only the service was top tier also.

Don't get me wrong, the service wasn't bad. It's adequate; pleasant and accommodating. Similar to what you would expect at the Olive Garden, but not what you would expect from a restaurant that serves food of this caliber. I had to ask for additional bread three times and was told "oh, nobody brought it yet?"

At the conclusion of our meal, after the plates were cleared from the table, we weren't even asked if we were interested in dessert or coffee before we were presented with the check. Which made me assume that our server made the decision for us and we went down the road for ice cream. It was near closing time.

Great food, adequate service, and reasonable pricing makes this place I will definitely be back to again. Put it on your list and tell them where you read about it.              
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