Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Copper Canyon Grill

I started watching Groupon discount offers for several area restaurants. They had a deal to get $40.00 worth of food for $20.00 at Copper Canyon Grill in Boca Raton. I purchased three "Groupons" and I really appreciate being introduced to this fine restaurant. On my most recent visit we arrived between peak hours so we weren't bothered by long lines and extra chatter.

While I went to wash my hands Michelle ordered

iced tea and a pair of house salads to get us started. When I returned to the table we ordered the remainder of our meal. The salads arrived within a few minutes and they were beautiful. Fresh greens piled up in a mound topped with julienne carrots and a hunk of their signature (and very delicious) cornbread on the side. Michelle followed her salad with a "Millionaire" shrimp cocktail that she really enjoyed. They offered one of my favorite soups, tortilla, so I just had to taste it. The deep red eight ounce serving was loaded with chunks of white meat chicken and small cubes of avocado. It was thicker than most and had just a hint of hot pepper which made it quite enjoyable.

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Since we had the starters we decided to just split an entree and chose the house favorite rotisserie wood fire chicken. Their chicken is one of the tastiest that you will ever find and I highly recommend it to everyone. Michelle took her favorite dark meat and I had the white. We split the baked potato and green beans and since we had the salads/soup/shrimp it was plenty for both of us.

We turned down the dessert and coffee offer and were both very satisfied. I think you'll be satisfied with the food and service on your visit to the Copper Canyon Grill. Be sure and tell them you read about it at http://www.whiteplatespecial.com/
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