Sunday, October 2, 2011

Smokehouse Grille and Wingery

Today I was in West Boca near Clint Moore and 441 and I could smell the aroma of hickory wood in the air. I followed the smell and traced it to the Smokehouse Grille and Wingery. While Michelle had a manicure and pedicure next door, I dropped in at the Smokehouse for a quick lunch.
I was cheerfully greeted at the door by Chelsey, who said she had worked there since this location opened a few month's ago. She informed me that the food was very good and I should try it. Since it was 12 noon on a Sunday the place was practically empty and she led me to a nice table in the center of the restaurant.

The menu was extensive and in my opinion offered way too many choices. I have found that most places that offer an abundance of choices spread their expertise pretty thin and therefore a lot of items they make are just mediocre. I personally think a restaurant is better to offer fewer items and make sure that they all are the greatest!

Sergio, my server, was very informative and made a few suggestions for me to think about. He was also very knowledgeable about the way the meat was smoked and why the barbecue was better than other places in the area. The number one reason being that they actually smoke all the meat right at the location. Hence the great aroma permeating the neighborhood.
Carolina-Style Pulled Pork Sandwich
I chose the Carolina-Style Pulled Pork Sandwich for $7.35. It came with an order of fries and a side of cole slaw. Sergio explained the three different bbq sauces on the table and I tasted them all. My choice for this sandwich was the mustard-vinegar based sauce. It had a very interesting taste: barely tangy with a slight after taste of vinegar.

The sandwich was excellent and the sauce blended with it perfectly. I think the Smokehouse Grille and Wingery is the REAL DEAL and I will be back again soon.

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