Monday, October 17, 2011

Ristorante Da Ciccio Amalfi, Italy

   Authentic Italian  
cielo, mare, terra

There is nothing more authentic than dining in an Italian retaurant in Italy. While Michelle and I were touring the Amalfi Coast, our driver, Salvatore, suggested we try out this adorable restaurant. We invited him to join us but he declined and said he would stay with the car.


Salvatore pulled into the driveway where we were greeted by one of the Cavaliere brothers who run the restaurant as did their father and grandparents before them. Salvatore continued down the drive which wrapped around underneath the restaurant. Once inside we were immediately seated. There were only a few tables. Each set up for two or four with starched white tablecloths, beautiful glasses and silverware. There were three people from Texas sitting at a table near us and we found out later that they were also cruising on the Epic.

We checked out the menu and we quickly noticed that there was no lasagna, meatballs or veal parmagiana on it. Our server suggested that we try the "House Special" spaghetti in parchment paper. Michelle ordered the house specialty and I ordered the chicken with herbs and a side of spaghetti. We enjoyed the beautiful view and ambiance as we waited for our order to arrive.

Michelle said that this was the best pasta dish she had ever had. Mine was scrumptious also. After we finished, we were offered an after dinner drink - lemoncello - because this is lemon country. Antonio showed us a neat chemical effect when a few drops of fresh lemon are squeezed into the lemoncello neutralizing the sweetness and alcohol.

It was a most incredible lunch! A most beautiful view of the coastline, the beaches, the boats in the water, the sky, and the rooftops scattered over the hillside. And the ambiance of an exquisite, small, family run eatery. Unbelievably nice people serving delicious food with a smile. You can taste their love for what they do in every mouthful.

If you ever drive the Amalfi Coast, by all means be sure to stop in and see Antonio and his brothers Guiseppi, Marco, and Stefano at Ristorante Da Ciccio and tell them you read about it here. Michelle suggests ordering the "House Specialty," you'll be glad you did!

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