Monday, May 2, 2011

Lindburgers Gourmet Burgers

When you read the history about Lindburgers you will see that they have been serving great burgers in Delray Beach since 1983. I was lucky enough to have tasted their burgers in late 1985 for my first visit and little did I know that I would be moving to Delray seventeen years later. Now I can go whenever I want!
Lindburgers is a really, really cute restaurant. It is quite small; several booths along the wall and 10 or twelve "four-tops" fill the place up. The walls, counters, and tabletops are all decorated with cute aeronautical phrases, pictures, and paraphernalia. Enough to keep you busy for at least three or four visits.
I was in the mood for a good burger last Sunday night so once again I made my way to the NW corner of Military and Atlantic in Delray. It was almost 8pm so the early bird crowd was already home and under the covers. The better for me as there was no wait and we were seated immediately.

Lisa, our server, took our order and brought our drinks. In addition to the 50 gourmet burgers that they list on the menu they offer a plethora of soups, salads, sandwiches, wraps, and platters. I started with a cup of really good split pea soup. It needed some salt and pepper, but otherwise was good. I guess they have to make it kind of bland for the geriatric clientele who probably are all on low salt diets so anytime something has salt in it they think it tastes "salty." On this occasion I ordered #50, the "Truck Stop" burger. For an extra 99 cents I upgraded to a 10 oz. instead of the standard 7 oz. patty. It comes with lettuce, tomato, sliced raw onion, and mayonnaise on the side. I added some sweet pickle relish and an order of thick cut french fries. Yum!

Michelle ordered a chicken quesadilla and it was big enough to choke a horse. She said it was exceptionally good and took half home to eat at another time. In the past we have tried many of their different burgers and found them all to be top notch. For an extra treat try their onion rings or sweet potato fries.

I have never had a bad meal here and for a restaurant to still be around after all these years says something for their good food, good atmosphere, and good service. When you're in the mood for a great burger head on over to Lindburgers and tell them you heard about them at
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