Saturday, December 18, 2010


While travelling thru the backwoods of Alabama, back in the day, or the BC I always say, meaning Before Computers, I passed a sign advertising a greasy spoon up ahead. It was still dinner time and I've always had a penchant for independent, out of the way, mom and pop style diners, so I decided to take a rest from the highway and eased into the parking lot.

The faded blue letters printed on the buidling invited me in: "Home of the White Plate Special."

A friendly waitress seated me with an ice filled glass of water in her hand. In addition to my eating hardware, the small square four top held salt and pepper, an overly full napkin holder, ketchup and a bottle of hot pepper vinegar.

"What's the best thing ya'll have?" I asked, half expecting the usual reply, "everything on the menu."
But I didn't get it this time. Without hesitation and without looking up from her dime store order pad the waitress quickly replied "the White Plate Special."

I noticed a sign on the wall tauting the Blue Plate Special.
What's on the Blue Plate Special?" I asked, knowing that almost every diner had something they called the Blue Plate Special.
"Roast beef with gravy, mashed potatoes, green beans, a drink and your choice of dessert. All for $4.95" was her response.
"And the White Plate Special......?" I asked.
"Same thing" she said, "for a dollar more. But it is by far our MOST popular."

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Why would they have two specials but a different price, I thought? Must be one has more food on the plate. So I asked.
She answered that it was the same amount of food on both; the same exact food, cooked the same way.
Now I was really perplexed. Scratching my head, to show I was confused, I asked why then, was there a difference in the price?

She started with a smile that turned into a chuckle and finally a laugh and said, "When you're through with the White Plate Special, we wash the plate?
Welcome to the White Plate Special!

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Engine Builder Deals said...

Great Name! I always wondered what the difference was and I'm glad I got the white plate and not the blue.
Maybe you just couldn't read and it said the "Washed Plate Special?"


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