Saturday, December 18, 2010

Xtreme Eatery

Originally this place was named Heartstoppers and being a food fanatic, it went to the top of my list of places to go. I had seen a spot on tv about a similar place way out west
and I thought this place might be related. That's probably why they soon changed the name to The Xtreme Eatery . Same food, same people, same place; just a different name.Xtreme Eatery on Urbanspoon

If you are a calorie counter The Xtreme Eatery is not for you. They take food to the next level. The EXTREME level. But it sure is good! They have hamburgers "as big as y'er head" and wings "too hot to touch."  But it is guaranteed if you come with a group of friends you will have a great time.

The first time I went I had one of the full pound hamburgers
 and wasn't able to finish it. In subsequent trips I've tried several menu items including the wings and they were all good.

WARNING DISCLAIMER: This food is addictive and could be detrimental to your waistline!

If you love hot wings be sure to go to The Xtreme Eatery and try the 2012 Challenge and be sure to tell them you heard it at the White Plate Special.

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