Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Park Avenue BBQ

I was at Jersey Mikes Subs in Boynton Beach, one of my favorite sub shops, and was reading a local mag while working my way thru a large Italian sub (done Mike's way) when I saw an ad for PA BBQ on Congress in Boynton Beach. They were advertising a full rack of ribs all day on Mondays for $11.95.

I just had to check it out. So the following Monday, Michelle and I hoofed it up to Hypoluxo Rd and Congress Ave to see if it was for real. We arrived just before 8:00 pm and the rush was just ending. The tables emptied quickly as the clock approached the senior witching hour.

                               Restaurant Recipes Revealed

We were greeted promptly and courteously by a young lady who certainly enjoyed her job. Drinks were ordered and delivered quickly as we conversed about the menu items. I came only for the ribs. I ordered my ribs cooked thru and with a little char on the outside, along with french fries and an ear of corn.

When the platter arrived I was shocked at the size of the rack and wondered if this was the $11.95 rack I was expecting or something more expensive. Our server set me straight as a smile came across my face. I divided the rack and Michelle immediately asked for a rib to which I obliged. The ribs were cooked perfectly and were tasty and pulled of the bone easily but not too easily. The fries and corn were both good. Michelle got a 1/2 BBQ chicken dinner for $8.99 and enjoyed it immensely.
We ordered one piece of their special cake for dessert and it was TOO delicious. Would I go back? You betcha! I've already been back since this experience and plan to be back again and again! When you go tell 'em you saw it at the White Plate Special!

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