Saturday, December 18, 2010

Pollo Tropical

My co-worker, Pam, suggested that I try the Chipotle Chicken sandwich from Pollo Tropical and being in an adventurous mood, I decided today was the day. I went to the 2011 E. Oakland Park Blvd location with high hopes of getting a sandwich that would quench my desire for spicy!. What an AWFUL experience!

"Oh," the order taker said in an annoyed tone, "we're out of chicken sandwiches." That's like McDonalds being out of BEEF. How UNacceptable. After all, Pollo is their first name. But I was lucky. She told me without being really nasty. Not so to the next guy in line when he complained about the lack of chicken, "if you don't like it----GET OUT!" she barked.

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I took a BBQ pulled pork sandwich with guava bbq sauce, yellow rice/veggies and a large diet coke. Set me back $4.99 plus tax. I took it back to my office to eat and after the first meatless bite I opened the sandwich to find about a teaspoonful of pulled pork and a small squirt of bbq sauce.
I really don't see how this chain stays in business. Or maybe it's just a case of bad management at this location. Whichever, they'll have a hard time getting me to go back to ANY of their locations.
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