Saturday, January 1, 2011

Champps Americana

I've been going to Champps Americana for several years, mostly for lunch because it is close to my workplace. I've eaten my way across the menu and have tried almost everything on it! They are described as a "sports bar" and the walls are covered with television coverage of all the days events. But the food is definitely way past sports bar.

I can't write any farther without mentioning their half priced hamburgers on Mondays. One of the best restaurant promotions I have enjoyed. It's like Monday isn't complete without a visit to Champps to enjoy another burger.

Michelle loves the Cobb Salad (saw the salad but I didn't see any cobbs in it.) and usually has it on our Monday visits. The food is good the other days of the week, too. I have enjoyed the Parmesan Crusted Chicken and a few nights ago I ordered the Blackened Chicken Alfredo which was out of this world.

I am looking forard to trying The Havana on a future visit. This is how they describe it,    "Our take on a hot pressed Cuban sandwich, made with slow-roasted pulled pork, ham, Swiss cheese and Dijon pickled mayo, all on a fresh roll. Served with fries." 

It's a little loud because it is a sports bar, so it might not be the place to go if you enjoy conversation with your meal. And I have found the service to be spotty. Sometimes great and sometimes very slow.        
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I gave only three stars because of consistently good food but inconsistent service. For more of my "tell it like it is" reviews go to

                         Restaurant Recipes Revealed

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Unknown said...

champs has very good food horible service not a place to keep going back to unless you have alot of time to waste but the food is great!


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