Sunday, January 23, 2011

Steak and Shake Boynton Beach

Steak and shake has become my late night choice for eating. I don’t mean for dinner at 8pm. I mean when you just need a little snack after a nite at the casino or after the late movie. I mean 2am.
I wish there were more places available at that hour. I’m a night owl and stay up late and I am always looking for a nitespot that compliments my weird hours. At 2am it’s only Denny’s, Ihop, and Steak n Shake.
The food is by no means great, but at 2am it is a lot better than the other offerings in the area. A double Steakburger with thin fries and a diet coke is my standby. Sometimes a deluxe chili or an occasional Chicago steakdog. The shakes, however, are great and are worth the price of admission on their own!
The staff is courteous and every once in a while you can get an enthusiastic  server who will make your visit enjoyable. There actually have been times that I have been there when they really did get the order correct!

The clientele during the late night hours are mostly young people who can be loud, obnoxious and a lot of fun to watch. Their exuberance is infectious.
Next time your looking for something to eat after normal hours think about Steak n Shake on Old Boynton Beach Boulevard and tell ‘em you’re there because of the White Plate Special
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