Saturday, January 8, 2011

Myron's Deli at the Isle Casino

When you go to the Isle Casino at Pompano Park you become part of the "captive audience" and if you want something to eat your selection is limited to the Isle run restaurants.

When I'm there I always enjoy a corned beef or pastrami sandwich at Myron's.

What's more, for people who are not on the standard eating time schedule, they are open with a late night menu until 2am.

Last Monday night Michelle and I dropped in for dinner at 10pm and were very satisfied with our selections. We each had a bowl of Matzoh ball soup which was presented in a unique way. We were first served a soup bowl with chicken, vegetables and a matzoh ball, then hot chicken broth was poured over it at the table. The soup was good and had plenty of white meat chicken in it. The knadle was good, too, but not as good as 3G's.

                       RESTAURANT RECIPES REVEALED!

I had my usual corned beef sandwich on rye and Michelle chose the pastrami. Both came with fries and we enjoyed them very much.

Myron's is now first on my list as my "Late Night Favorite" whenever I'm in the area.

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