Saturday, January 8, 2011

Lenny's Subs

I really like Lenny's. They make some great tasting "old school" style subs along with some of the new concoctions. My favorite is the Italian Special. I've tried some of the others and they were all good but my my taste buds are most excited by the Italian.

I went to their location at Cypress Station yesterday for the umpteenth time and picked up my usual large Italian combo which includes

sub, chips and drink. I was disappointed that they were out of the white sub rolls and had to substitute a whole wheat. Maybe a better health choice?

I watched the sub maker cut the roll then slice the meats and cheese right in front of me. I'm a little concerned when I see a prepackaged slab of meat that's pulled out of a refrigerator and slapped on the bread. Not so at Lenny's.

He added the extras of my choice and I opted for their signature red relish hot sauce which adds a nice "zing" to the taste. The sub was put in a basket for "eat in" as I paid the bill and I selected a seat.

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I filled up on about half the sandwich and they wrapped the remainder for me to take home. As I started cleaning up I was reminded by the clerk that at Lenny's, there was no need to clean up, they do it. That's nice!

Friendly, fast service; good taste; reasonable prices; eat in, take out, or delivery; no clean-up. Lenny's works for me!

Let me know your favorite sub place.

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Anonymous said...

lennys was very tasteful i had a philly cheese steak and i cant beievee i ate the whole thing


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