Friday, March 4, 2011

Cici's Pizza "Almost Too Good to be True!"

Have you ever tried Hawaiian Pizza? Ham and pineapple toppings? I know it's not an Italian thing but sometimes you just have to get past the pepperoni and sausage and have a little fun.

That's what's happening at Cici's Pizza. I went to a little shindig for Joey, my grandson, in recognition of his reaching the ripe old age of 5.0. No he's not FIFTY, he's five.

Joey at his Big 5.0 birthday
Cici's is the perfect place for a group of friends and relatives to gather for a celebration and still leave room in the pocketbook to buy a couple of nice presents. Dale arrived early to corral a few tables, throw on some table cloths and spread out the other birthday gear including a few balloons. When I arrived things were just getting started so I scoped out the salad bar and took a hearty plate full of fresh greens, etc. I was pleasantly surprised at the quantity of items available and grabbed more than my share. Not to worry, Cici's is an "all you can eat" kind of place.

After enjoying my salad I returned to the buffet line to pick up on a few slices of pizza. The pizzas are cut into many small slices so you can try several different ones without overloading yourself. The pizza was pretty good, as good as most run-of-the-mill pizza joints around town but I wouldn't put it in the running for the South Florida Top Ten. But there was a plethora of choices.

Thick, thin, chewy, crispy; all styles were present with every conceivable combination of toppings. Including, my favorite that day: macaroni & cheese pizza. This was the first time I had ever tried the mac & cheese; first time I had even HEARD of it! It really tasted good, in a extra comfort food kind of way.

I said this place was inexpensive as in "Almost Free." You can attack the all you can eat buffet which includes, in addition to the pizza and salad bar, a pasta station and, get this, cinnamon rolls for dessert. All of this for only FIVE BUCKS! Add a drink for two bucks more.

Now tell me, where else can you get a deal like this for $5. There are franchises opening in all areas so you won't be far from a good, cheap, meal. If you're bringing some kids remember to bring a pocket full of quarters for the game room and be sure to tell them you read about it at
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