Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Don and Vinny's Italian Restaurant Again!

I've been going to Don and Vinny's pretty regularly for the last several months. See my earlier review. In fact, I've attended not one, but two family dinner affairs at this place.

First we had a surprise birthday party for my sister, Lydia, back in December and then a birthday dinner for Michelle's mother, Ellie, in March. Each was an extravaganza on its own.

Lydia was totally surprised when she came in the restaurant and saw twenty-five of her friends and relatives sitting at a large table patiently waiting for the guest of honor.
Ellie's party was about the same size with the addition of Ron, Michelle's singer friend, who entertained us with plenty of songs from the sixties. Michelle, Colby, Ilona, and others were dancing in any space they could find. We had plenty of appetizers and plenty of bread and then we had dinner. Everyone ordered off the menu and between the group of us I'm sure that everything on the menu was tried.

Michellle arranged the party with Liz from Don and Vinny's and she said that Liz was such a pleasure. She made sure that the table was set up properly and a place was available for Ron, his backup singers and orchestra. She also arranged for Ellies favorite Strawberry Shortcake that was presented with candles and the entire restaurant singing Happy Birthday!

Ellie was glowing. Thanks to Glen, Stuart, Michelle, Liz and Vinny.

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