Saturday, March 26, 2011

Da Vinci's Italian Restaurant

Da Vinci's Italian Restaurant is in a Publix shopping plaza on the NW corner of Jog and Boynton Beach Boulevard. I frequented this place for several years and watched them grow while enjoying many delicious meals with many friends and relatives. Then suddenly, some time ago everything changed. The food wasn't as good. The employees weren't as friendly and the whole atmosphere changed. I stopped going.

Then one day I received an email from my daughter who lives in Port St. Lucie telling me
 that there was a deal on GottaHalfIt to get $35 worth of food for $20.00.
I replied that because of my last visit Da Vinci's was now off my flight plan. She countered that she thought the original owners had returned.

That was all I needed to hear; so I bought a couple of the coupons and a few days later dropped into Da Vinci's after the regular dinner hour. Steve, Ilona, and Michelle were with me.

We started with three pasta fagioli and one minestrone soup. Then Steve and I split a large House Special pizza and saved about half to take home. It was as good as it gets! Nice crust and good taste. Michelle and Ilona split the Seafood Ala Da Vinci and they kept exclaiming how good it was.

The food and service were right back where I remembered them. Everything A-OK! . If you were turned off in the past, I think you might want to try them again. I still have another GottaHalfIt Coupon that I will use in the near future and maybe I'll see you there and you can tell me in person that you saw it at

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