Thursday, March 10, 2011

Cielito Lindo Tres

I've scoured the internet but was unable to find a website for this small, indescript Tex-Mex eatery located at 91 NE Prospect Road in Oakland Park. Dave, Dale and I have been lunching here for more years than I can remember. When Dale says "let's get something quick," we go to Cielito Lindo.

There's not a lot of luxury here. Straight back wooden chairs and too many tables squeezed into a small area. The waitstaff is efficient and usually understand just enough English to take your order. It all adds to the unique ambiance of this place. As soon as you sit down a bottomless basket of tortilla chips and two cups of salsa: mild and oh so hot, clear my sinuses, appear on your table followed by your drink order.

At lunchtime they offer some great specials. Churrasco steak, enchiladas, ropa vieja, baby palomilla, and picadillo are some of my favorites. They come with a cup of soup, beans, rice and plaintains. The lunch specials run from $6.00 to $11.00 and believe me you get a ton of food for the money!

It tastes authentic to me and you would be hard pressed to find a place where you can get more for the money. If it's your first time I suggest you try the ground beef enchiladas and add some of the hot green chile salsa on top (if you can handle it!). When your eyes are tearing from the flame in your throat and your forehead is covered in sweat just tell them that you learned about it at
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